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Momo Story

‘Mystical,’ ‘Exotic’ and ‘Shangri-La’ are words that have often been used to describe Tibet. And the ‘Roof of the World’ lives up to each of them. High up in the rarified air live a semi-nomadic people whose culture and cuisine have been passed down from one generation to the next. One such traditional cuisine is the quintessential dish - ‘Momo’. Perfected over centuries, the humble Momo is an authentic all rounder. It is not only an energizing meal but also a ball of exotic flavors. Rare herbs and spices are mixed with succulent meat to impart its distinct taste and aroma. Tender dough that is neither too thin nor too thick holds this flavorful pack together. And the best-kept secret of a heavenly tasting Momo is the sauce. Yes, really – its all in the sauce! It takes rare skill and experience to make a really great plate of authentic Momos.

Tasty Tibet is proud to bring this age-old heritage of Tibetan food into Bangladesh. The age-old recipe, the exotic spices and the secret sauces are all genuine. Concocted by a family of Tibetans with deep roots and ties to ancient Tibet, the Momos at Tasty Tibet is unlike any other you’ve ever tasted. Its time you gave yourself a real treat. Its Momo Time!

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The ingredients are secret and genuine and the preparation method is an age-old technique that is adapted for production on a large volume.

Tasty Tibet will, over time, introduce not only a variety of ready to eat Tibetan cuisine, but also packaged products and related Tibetan preparations. Tasty Tibet is a wholesome brand - just like a Tibetan mother. Caring, nourishing, loving, yet tough, competitive and hardworking. In a word - genuine.

It is with this mindset that Tasty Tibet brings you a wide variety of Tibetan cuisine. Starting with momos the Brand is committed to bring wholesome, healthy and tasty Tibetan cuisine that is made through centuries of trial and error through the expertise of Tibetan families from Nepal.

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We have a mascot named “Little Tashi”… It is believed that a long time ago deep in the Himalayan mountains, there lived an old lady who, after decades or trial, possessed the secret recipe to making delicious momos. During a severe snowstorm, Little Tashi sheltered in her hut. But as the snow grew heavy the hut collapsed and they had to seek shelter in a cave. Little Tashi helped the old lady survive and she blessed him with her secret recipe. It is this very recipe that we Little Tashi now brings to Bangladesh and promises to take all over the world.

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